Kimberly's Journey to Discovering the Perfect Type of Hair Extensions

Atlanta based fashion and style blogger Kimberly King is no stranger to hair extensions. In fact, in her own words because she naturally have extremely thin, straight, limp hair. My entire life, it has been difficult to style, curl, etc.” She has been using hair extensions since high school and has tried pretty much every kind of extensions out there. Halo extensions, tape ins, bonded extensions, micro ring extensions, glue in extensions. Before she settled on her favorite kind of hair extensions to use, clip in extensions. If it's on the market, she's probably tried them. So it's fairly safe to say that she's pretty much a bonafide expert when it comes to extensions.

Kimberly’s Journey to Find the Perfect Set of Hair Extensions
When Kimberly first started her journey with hair extensions and was trying out different types, the first kind that she tried out were Halo Extensions. The same kind that Kelly Ripa wore so Kimberly had high hopes that halo extensions would be the answer to her hair problems that she was looking for.

Kimberly was not impressed with her halo weft extensions!

It didn’t take her long to start seeing (and feeling) the drawbacks to wearing Halo extensions for any period of time longer than a few hours. According to Kimberly, it didn’t take her long to give up wearing her Halo extensions “because they were heavy, gave me headaches, and didn’t feel the most secure on my head.” Yikes! I know beauty is pain and all that, but is it really too much to ask to not have to carry around a value-sized bottle of Tylenol everywhere to get rid of your splitting headaches from your hair extensions. When all you want is to have thicker, longer hair that doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall off your head if you catch a gust of strong wind at the wrong angle? Unfortunately for Kimberly, she had no choice but to continue on her journey of testing and being disappointed with different types of hair extensions.

The next step in her journey of hair extension discovery, lead her to try using different kinds of permanent hair extensions. Unfortunately, once again she felt let down and disappointed with her experience and was forced to give up wearing them her freshman year in college and swear off permanent extensions for good. At this point, you may be asking yourself, so why didn’t she like permanent extensions? Unlike Halo extensions, they aren’t going to fly off your head if you do more than 20 miles an hour in a convertible with the top down and they aren’t heavy, so wouldn’t that solve the whole giant bottle of Tylenol issue? Well, according to Kimberly there were multiple reasons why she had to end her relationship with permanent extensions for good which she describes below.

  1. They are hard to upkeep. Hair extension appointments once every 6 weeks to get new ones gets old.
  2. I felt like they damaged my hair upon take out & during the re-do process.
  3. It was a pain to brush my hair with all the little beads around my head.
  4. They are expensiveeeee. My hair appointment every 6 weeks would be $400-$500.

It wasn’t an easy decision though, but after much soul searching and thanks to the support of her friends and family, Kimberly decided that enough was enough and that she deserved to have hair that she loved and made her happy. Without damaging her natural hair, dodging metal beads in her hair every time she brushed it or visits to the hair salon every six weeks that cost a small fortune. So, she finally decided to give up on permanent extensions and continue on with her quest for the perfect type of hair extension.

There was One Huge Problem!
Kimberly at this point had been wearing extensions for years and had become used to how they made her hair look and feel and without them in her hair. And it was quite a shock and she as she describes it “After I got my permanent extensions out, I felt bald. Makes sense, right? I’ve been using these things my whole life!”

Warning! Regular Use of Hair Extensions is Addictive and Can Cause Withdraw!
At this point you should probably be warned, if you haven’t worn hair extensions before then you don’t understand what it’s like to suddenly go from the luxurious, flowing Disney Princess hair of your dreams that would make even Rapunzel have hair envy, to well not Disney Princess dream hair. This can be a very shocking experience and I think there may even be support groups for girls dealing with the emotional trauma this can cause. Or if there's not, there definitely should be!

So What Kind of Hair Extensions Did Kimberly Try Next?
After Kimberly finally decided to give up wearing permanent hair extensions, she started to research everything she could find about clip in hair extensions and the different companies that sold them. After weighing the pros and cons of the different options, she decided to try a type of clip in extensions where instead of multiple, smaller wefts of hair that you can adjust and customize the placement of each clip to get that perfect Instagram worthy look like the Shaggy Loxx clip in extensions. There was just one large weft that clipped onto the back of her head and went from ear to ear.
At first, she was happy with them. The hair blended well with her natural hair and held it’s curl, which helped give her the body and volume she wanted. However, after wearing her new halo extensions for a little while she realized that they still weren’t what she was looking for and according to Kimberly “I ditched this one because I was always scared someone would see the massive clip on the back of my head, and they weren’t the easiest to hide.” So after years of wearing extensions and thousands of dollars, it was back to square one for Kimberly who was no closer to finding her perfect kind of hair extensions than when she started her journey years before.

Why Are Clip in Extensions Her Favorite Kind of Hair Extensions?
The one good thing to come from her having spent the years that she did to test and try different kinds of extensions was that she knew what she didn’t like. So when she discovered the Shaggy Loxx clip in hair extensions she knew she was onto something.

Before and after with Shaggy Loxx clip in hair extensions
Instead of causing headaches and possible falling out like the halo extensions, damaging her hair and costing thousands to purchase and maintain like permanent extensions or having a potentially awkward and incredibly embarrassing moment if a stranger on the street saw her halo extensions. Once she tried on her brand new set of Shaggy Loxx Marilyn Blonde 20" clip in extensions, in her own words “I was in disbelieve! The clip ins felt so secure on my head, I hardly noticed they were even in, and they were not heavy. They easily blended in with my thin hair, and the texture was very similar to my own hair.” 

Even though her first time wearing her new extensions was in a salon where professional hairstylist and Shaggy Loxx Co-Founder Tim Emmert had put them in and styled them for her. Kimberly was still in love with her Shaggy Loxx and said “Since my visit to the salon, I still have been very satisfied with Shaggy Loxx extensions, and have worn them multiple times on the weekends, date nights, going out, etc. They are extremely quick & easy to put on your head (takes me maybe 3 minutes), & sometimes I’ll only wear 2 or 3 of the clip-ins, just for a little added thickness & length!”

Shaggy Loxx clip in hair extensions salon selfie by Kimberly King

So at last, after years of not being satisfied Kimberly had found her perfect kind of hair extensions!

Aww, don’t you just love a happily ever after?

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