Our Story

Shaggy Loxx was 40 Years in the Making

Shaggy Loxx Co-Founder, Tim Emmert is no stranger to hair extensions. In his nearly forty years working as a hairstylist, he has used almost every kind of hair extensions for all different types of clients. After working in the fashion industry, with models who needed to add volume and thickness to their hair in minutes, Tim learned the irreplaceable value of clip in hair extensions.

Nowhere is the transformative power of hair more obvious than with hair extensions

The pleasure that comes from seeing the smile on a client's face when she sees herself in the mirror wearing her new Shaggy Loxx extensions for the first time, is exactly why Tim decided to develop his own line of hair extensions to help women everywhere love their hair and feel more confident and beautiful. It is this same extensive knowledge and experience that he has brought to Shaggy Loxx.

How Shaggy Loxx was Born

During his years of working with hair extensions, Tim was often frustrated with the inconsistent quality of many brands available to customers and hair stylists. He continually struggled to find hair extensions that were consistently high quality and was often disappointed that despite the high cost of many clip in hair extensions the quality was poor and simply was not up to his standards. After years of trying all different brands of clip in hair extensions, Tim realized that in order to be able to offer his clients the quality that they deserved, he needed to start his own line of clip in hair extensions.

Why Shaggy Loxx Clip in Hair Extensions?

Every Woman Deserves to Have Hair they love
Without having to say a word, your hair makes a statement to the world and no one understands this better than Tim. This is why for Tim, being a hairstylist is so much more than just job, it has been his life's work and passion. During his years in the industry, he has had the pleasure of working with fashion models, actresses, and many celebrity clients. However, most of all, what he loves the most is being able to use his years of experience to help women from all walks of life feel more confident, beautiful and empowered.

Get Beautiful Hair that's Thicker, Longer and more Voluminous in Minutes
You can easily get add the length, body and volume that you want without having to wait for your hair to grow. Clip in hair extensions offer an easy and convenient way to instantly achieve longer, gorgeous, flowing hair when you want it, and can just as easily be taken when you don't need them without any of the hassle and time that other types of extensions need in order to be maintained.

Amazing Customer Service and VIP Treatment
We love our customers and want you to have the best customer experience possible. Whether you have a question about our products, would like a free color match to make sure you get the perfect shade of hair. Or if you have a question about your order, we are here to make sure you enjoy the best customer experience possible.

Perfect for Weddings, Proms and any Other Special Events
When it comes to your big day, we know how important it is to have amazing hair. Which is why Shaggy Loxx clip in extensions are the perfect way to have the longer, thicker and more voluminous hair that you want to make your special day the best it can be.

The Highest Quality Remy Hair Extensions at an Amazing Price
Many hair extension companies charge extremely high prices, but their hair extensions are often inconsistent and low quality. Shaggy Loxx clip in hair extensions have been thoroughly tested and put through every test possible. From being curled, washed, colored and exposed to heated tools far beyond the average amount of heat and abuse that you will ever expose them to when you own a set of extensions. Shaggy Loxx clip in Hair extensions has been developed to withstand the rigors of everyday use. So you can order with confidence knowing that you will be enjoying having longer, thicker and more beautiful hair for many months and years to come.

Multi-Tonal Adapt Coloring System Keeps its Luster and Shine
Each set of Shaggy Loxx Clip in Hair Extensions is colored using a multi-tonal adapt coloring system. This means that even if your own hair is a shade or two different, your Shaggy Loxx will still blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Your new set of Shaggy Loxx will also keep their luster and shine, giving you gorgeous and vibrant hair, without fading or losing their color after just a few washes.

100% Premium Remy Human Hair
Remy human hair is the highest quality hair you can buy and only the highest quality, premium, 100% Remy human hair is used to create each set of Shaggy Loxx clip in hair extensions. Remy hair, unlike other grades of hair, still has the cuticles intact and has been sorted with great care to ensure that all of the hair naturally runs in the same direction. Because the cuticles have not been stripped during processing, your Shaggy Loxx clip-in extensions will be longer lasting, won't tangle or matt and will blend seamlessly with your own natural hair, unlike other non-Remy hair extensions

Free Travel and Storage Bag Plus Styling Hanger Free with Every Set
Every set of Shaggy Loxx clip in hair extensions comes with your very own storage bag and styling hanger, so you can not only easily and safely store your new set of extensions. You can also easily style and store your extensions with the convenient styling hanger that is included for free, with every set of new extensions that you purchase. So you can say goodbye to storing your extensions in bulky boxes, only to find them tangled and matted when you take them out to wear them.

Free Color Test Weft and Hassle Free Exchanges and Returns
Every set of Shaggy Loxx extensions comes with a test piece so you can easily check to make sure that you have a perfect color match. We also offer easy and free returns of any sets of extensions that have not had the safety seal on the main package broken. In order to return your set of extensions, you must contact us within 3 business days of delivery, not have broken the seal and the test weft must not have been styled, colored or have had any hair products applied to it at all.

Free Domestic Shipping
Once you have placed your order, you can relax as you sit back and wait for your new set of Shaggy Loxx extensions to be delivered as you track your package and enjoy our free complimentary shipping on every US order.

Safe and Damage Free Clips
Our clips have been custom designed with a special silicone strip which keeps them safely secured, while still allowing them to move on your head without pulling or damaging your hair. Our clips have also been reinforced with extra stitching to make them as secure and durable as possible.

What Length of Shaggy Loxx Should You Buy?

The 14" 140 grams Set
The 14" 140-gram sets are perfect if your hair is currently shorter than 14" and you mainly just want to add volume and thickness but don't want to add a significant amount of length.
Click here to shop 14 inch hair extensions

The 20" 180 grams
If you already have the length of hair you want or are looking to get longer, thicker and voluminous hair. The 20" 180-gram set will help you achieve both the length and body that you're looking for, as well as give you the long, flowing mermaid hair you've always wanted.
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