Frequently Asked Questions

Why Shaggy Loxx Hair Extensions?
Shaggy Loxx Co-Founder and veteran hairstylist Tim Emmert has used his years of experience working with hair extensions to ensure that Shaggy Loxx clip in hair extensions are the highest quality and longest lasting extensions available. Only the highest quality human Remy hair is used in each set of Shaggy Loxx Extensions, giving you thick, silky smooth hair extensions that will give you the long, gorgeous you’ve always wanted.
You can read more about our story on our about page here.


How Long Does Shipping Take?
USA: orders usually take between 5 to 7 business days
Canada: Between 7 to 12 business days
International orders: Between 15 to 20 business days but delivery may be longer in countries that are slow to ship to. See our full Shipping Policy here


How do I Track My Package?
You will be emailed a tracking code that you can use to track your order during the shipping process.


What are Clip in Hair Extensions?
Clip-in hair extensions, sometimes also called clip on hair extensions, are an easy and simple way to instantly achieve longer, thicker hair minutes without the cost, hassle or commitment of other types of permanent extensions.


Why Should I Wear Shaggy Loxx Extensions for my Weddings or Formal Event?
Clip in hair extensions can help you achieve the hairstyle of your dreams on your big day, whether it's a wedding, prom, black tie event or any other formal occasion. Shaggy Loxx clip in hair extensions will help you add length, volume, and thickness to your hair without breaking the bank.  Another reason is the premium quality of hair that is used to make each set of Shaggy Loxx Clip Extensions. Which will hold its curl and body better than your natural hair. So you can relax while you let Shaggy Loxx help keep you looking stunning and beautiful on your special day!

Why Should I Wear Shaggy Loxx Clip in Hair Extensions?
Even if you love your hair, there are still many reasons why you may want to consider giving Shaggy Loxx clip in hair extensions a try!

  1. Length and Volume: With clip in hair extensions you can easily add the length, body, and body to your hair that you have been wanting in just minutes
  2. Versatility of Style: Clip in hair extensions allow you to play around with different styles and hair colors without the risk of damaging your natural hair while still having fun experimenting with new looks
  3. Easy and Safe to Use: Clip in hair extensions are not only absolutely safe to wear, they can also easily be installed by yourself in just minutes and don’t require hours to style and maintain. Whereas permanent hair extensions can take to three hours to install
  4. Experiment with New Colors: Curious to know how your hair will look with lowlights or highlights? Have you been thinking about adding an ombre? Hair extension allow you to play with different colors and styles without actually coloring your natural hair.
  5. Costs: Not only are clip in hair extensions a fraction of the costs of other types of permanent hair extensions. Clip in hair extensions are also much easier to maintain and care, saving you, even more, time and money compared to other types of permanent extensions
  6. Protect your Natural Hair: By coloring, bleaching and highlighting your Shaggy Loxx hair extensions, instead of your own hair, you're saving the integrity of your natural hair from potential damage from harsh chemicals.

Why Choose Shaggy Loxx Clip in Hair Extensions?
Clip in Hair extensions can be installed when you want them and then easily removed when you are done wearing your Shaggy Loxx Extensions. Plus, with the free storage bag and styling hanger that comes with each set, they are hassle-free to travel with and they are easy to maintain and style. Clip in hair extensions are also a fraction of the cost compared to other kinds of permanent of hair extensions like sew-ins, keratin or microbeads. For even more reasons why you will absolutely love your Shaggy Loxx visit this page here.

How do I Choose the Right Color of Shaggy Loxx Clip in Hair Extensions?
Shaggy Loxx Hair extensions are colored using our multi-tonal adapt coloring system, so even if they’re a shade or two different than your natural shade of hair, they will still match and blend seamlessly with your hair. If you're not sure what color to choose, then in natural lighting but not in direct sunlight, compare your hair with one of our many shades and pick the one that comes the closest to matching.

If you’re still not 100% sure, take at least three pictures in natural, but not direct sunlight and send to without any filters and a member of the Shaggy Loxx team will help you pick the perfect shade.
You can also see our entire selection of different shades here and learn more about how to choose your perfect shade of clip in hair extensions here

What is the Separate Test Weft of Hair For?
Once you get your set of Shaggy Loxx Extensions you can use the specially designated test weft of hair in order to determine if it's the right color for you before opening the rest of the package.

How do I Style My Shaggy Loxx Hair Extensions?
Because Shaggy Loxx clip in hair extensions are made from 100% human hair they can be styled just like your own hair. You can safely flat iron, curl them or style them in any other you want to!

Can I Dye or Color My Shaggy Loxx Extensions?
Yes absolutely, however, because they have already been color treated it is always better to add color and darken your Shaggy Loxx Extensions, instead of bleaching or trying to lighten them. If you are planning on coloring your extensions, we recommend that you purchase a lighter blonde color as they will take the color the best. We also STRONGLY recommended that you consult with a professional hair stylist that is experienced with extensions and have your hair extensions professionally colored to ensure the best results

How do I Put in Clip in Hair Extensions?
We have written an entire blog post here and about how to put in clip in hair extensions yourself as well as put together a short video to help show exactly how in just a few minutes, you can easily clip in your new hair extensions.

How do I Blend my Shaggy Loxx Extensions with my Natural Hair?
Shaggy Loxx Extensions come naturally straight looking, so if you are wearing your hair curly, then you will need to curl you Loxx to make them blend with your natural hair.
If you are wanting to wear your hair straight, then you will just need to flat iron your natural hair to blend with your new set of Loxx.

How Often Should I Wash my Shaggy Loxx Extensions?
Because hair extensions are not a part of your natural hair and aren't getting the oil that naturally occurs on your hair, they don’t need to be washed as often as the rest of your hair. Depending on how much product you use and how often you wear your extensions, you should wash your hair extensions every 15 to 20 times you wear them.

How do I Wash and Dry my Shaggy Loxx Extensions?
With the clips in the locked position, gently rinse in lukewarm water. Then lather each individual weft with shampoo in a gentle downward motion. Once you have thoroughly rubbed the shampoo into each weft, rinse in cool water before applying conditioner. Let conditioner sit for around five minutes before rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water. Once you are done washing your Loxx, hang to air dry using the convenient styling hanger that comes with each set of Shaggy Loxx Extensions until they are dry.

How do I Comb my Shaggy Loxx Extensions?
Only comb your Shaggy Loxx extensions when they are dry. Starting at the bottom of the hair extension, gently start to comb upwards towards the top until you have worked out all of the tangles. Only use a wet brush or wide tooth comb as other types of brushes may damage your hair extensions.

I Have Short Hair, Can I Wear Extensions?

Yes absolutely! We do however recommend that your hair be at least 7 inches or longer. It can be difficult to blend extensions with your natural hair if it's shorter than 7 inches.

Will Other People be Able to See my Extensions?
Absolutely not! If you clip them in properly and style your extensions to match your hair they will blend seamlessly and look completely natural.

Can I Wear Extensions if I have Curly or Wavy Hair?
Because they can be styled just like your natural hair, Shaggy Loxx Clip in hair extensions will work with most types of hair. You will just need to style your Shaggy Loxx hair extensions to match your natural hair.

How Long Will my Shaggy Loxx Extensions Last?
Just like with your natural hair, you need to take care of your Shaggy Loxx in order to keep them looking great. If you treat your new Shaggy Loxx Extensions gently, they will still be giving your friends a major case of hair envy for long into the future.

Are Shaggy Loxx Extensions Safe to Use in My Hair
Yes absolutely! When properly installed, Shaggy Loxx Extensions are absolutely safe to use and will not damage your natural hair.

Will my Shaggy Loxx Extensions Shed?
Some shedding is normal, however after the first few times your Shaggy Loxx Extensions are worn and styled,  the shedding will be minimal.

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?
How much hair extensions costs will vary widely depending upon the kind of extension and the quality of hair that is used. Synthetic extensions typically cost between $50 t0 $80 but remember that synthetic hair will not last as long as real hair and cannot be exposed to heat.
Permanent hair extensions can cost significantly more than clip in hair extensions. With prices ranging from $200 into the thousands. Many kinds of permanent extensions also require regular upkeep and maintenance to keep them looking good, which will add even more costs.
Shaggy Lox clip in hair extensions are made from only the finest Remy human hair that is double drawn. The price for our 14” 140-gram set is and our 20” 180-gram sets of Remy clip in hair extensions is $169. All sets of hair extensions also come with a storage bag and styling hanger that can be used for storing, styling and drying your Shaggy Loxx clip-in hair extensions.

Can I Sleep with my Shaggy Loxx Extensions Still in?
It is strongly recommended that you do not sleep with your Shaggy Loxx Extensions still clipped in. This can cause excessive matting and tangling that can damage your natural hair as well as your hair extensions, so always remember to remove your Loxx before you go to bed. If you are going to sleep with extensions still clipped in, it’s advisable that you place your hair in a ponytail or bun to minimize any tangling that may happen while you’re sleeping.

What are the Differences Between Real and Fake Hair?
Fake or synthetic hair extensions are going to be cheaper than extensions made from real human hair. However synthetic hair is much harder to style, can be easily damaged if you use heat tools and won’t blend with your natural hair as well as real human hair does. The lifespan of synthetic hair is also going to be much less than real human hair. Our clip in extensions are made from only real premium Remy human hair and can easily be styled with heat, will blend seamlessly with your natural hair and can last up to a year or longer if they are cared for properly.

Who Can Use Hair Extensions?
No matter what hair type you have, almost anyone can enjoy the benefits of clip in hair extensions. If you have fine hair and want to add body, length, and thickness they are an easy way to do this. Or you just want to change things up and try out a different hair color. Clip in extensions are a safe, easy and fun way to experiment without causing damage to your natural hair.

What is Remy Hair?
The reason that Remy human hair is considered the finest type of hair to use for wigs, extensions, and hairpieces is that the cuticles have been kept intact which means that the hair flows naturally in the same direction. Because Shaggy Loxx hair extensions are made only from Remy human hair, they will easily blend with your natural hair, creating a seamless blend between your hair and the extensions.

What are Double Drawn Hair Extensions?
Double drawn hair extensions mean that they have gone through an extra step during the manufacturing process, where all of the shorter hairs are removed before the rest of the hair is sewn into each weft. This means that the hair is the same thickness down the entire length of the weft, giving you a fuller, thicker and more natural looking set of hair extensions.

Can I Exercise or Swim While Wearing my Shaggy Loxx Extensions?
While our extensions are safe for everyday use, it's always a good idea to err on the side of caution. We do not recommend wearing hair extensions while doing activities like swimming, jogging etc. The great thing about clip in extensions, as opposed to other permanent extensions, is that you can easily take them out when you don't need them or are exercising or swimming. If you do wear them while swimming or exercising then don't go underwater, put your hair in a braid you start and try to wash them as soon as possible to wash any sweat or chlorine out of the hair.