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20" 180 Grams Strawberry Blonde Clip in Hair Extensions

20" 180 Grams Strawberry Blonde Clip in Hair Extensions

Regular price $189.00

You will be instantly feeling more beautiful and confident as soon as you clip in your new 20" 180 grams Shaggy Loxx Strawberry Blonde extensions and transform your hair into the long, thick and flowing locks of your dreams.
The Shaggy Loxx Strawberry Blonde shade is a beautiful, natural warm shade of blonde that has subtle undertones of gold and red that help it blend with most shades of hair that are a lighten, golden blonde color.

What Sets Shaggy Loxx Apart?

Every luxurious set of Shaggy Loxx clip in hair extensions is made from the finest quality 100% premium human Remy, hair that can be washed, curled, flat iron and colored, just like your natural hair. Because Remy hair is the highest quality available, your Shaggy Loxx are guaranteed to stay soft, silky and smooth and will give you gorgeous hair for long into the future.

Multi-Tonal Adapt Coloring System

You can order with confidence knowing that with our multi-tonal adapt coloring system, your new Shaggy Loxx Strawberry Blonde hair extensions will blend beautifully and seamlessly with your hair, giving you the thick, flowing and enviably luscious locks that you’re looking for.

Free Styling Hanger and Storage Bag

Easily style and safely store your Shaggy Loxx clip in extensions with the styling hanger and storage bag that comes free with every set of clip-in hair extensions that you order from Shaggy Loxx.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We know you will love your new Shaggy Loxx Strawberry Blonde clip-in hair extensions and we stand behind our products 100%. Which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and easy and hassle free 90 day returns and exchanges.

Still not Sure what Color to Order?

You can click to compare all of our different shades to show you the differences between the colors and help you decide what the best shade is for you.

If you're still not sure what color is right for you, just send us an email at with three recently taken pictures of your hair, taken in natural but not direct sunlight and we will be happy to help you find the shade that's best for you!

Product Description
Length: 20 inches
Weight: 180 grams
Pieces: 7 pieces total  
2x2" 1 clip wefts  
2x3.5" 2 clip wefts  
2x6" 3 clip wefts  
1x9" 4 clip weft